Single Visit Restorations

CEREC Single Visit Restoration Crowns?

CEREC is used for dental crowns. Dentists and patients will both experience benefits of CEREC and single visit restorations.

Let's look at the traditional procedure of getting a porcelain crown from your dentist. You would visit your dentist's office, they would prepare the tooth, take impressions of the tooth and then provide you with a temporary to fill the gap.

Then your impression is sent off to the dental lab and within days or weeks your permanent crown or crowns arrive ready to be cemented to your natural tooth structure. There is nothing wrong with this procedure. You have had two visits to the dentist and you have a new crown or crowns.

What if you could get this crown done in one single visit? Then walk away with an esthetic dental restoration referred to as a "CEREC crown". No need to take another few hours off work or find a babysitter for your children, with a dentist technically trained in the use of the Cerec technology you can get it done in one single appointment.

Cerec uses all ceramic materials to provide an esthetic and functional dental restoration. CEREC is not only used for crowns, it can be used to create bright and natural looking veneers, an alternative to amalgam fillings. JJust like any dental procedure, the experience and training are keys to any successful implementation.

For more information about this exciting new technology you can visit Cerec Online

CEREC is a registered trademark of Sirona Dental Systems

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